First Valentine's Day | Kisses Countdown

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Even though Merloe is only 3 months old, we're still celebrating all the holidays! With Valentine's Day around the corner I thought it'd be fun to create a Valentine's Day countdown. This was a craft my mom did for my class in Elementary School -- I still remember it to this day! I'll have to try and find some photos.

It's a fun an easy craft, plus it includes chocolate! Who doesn't love chocolate?! And let's be real... this is for mom and dad to enjoy.


heart balloons / sherpa chair / onesie / tutu / hair bow

Materials Needed:

Plastic Wrap - cut 32" long

Hershey Kisses & Hugs



Heart Printable 


click the 'kisses 25 cents' photo and print


Cut plastic wrap in half, about 6" wide

Lay plastic flat and gather at the top 

Tie your first string about 2" from the top -- this will leave space for the heart printout

Then place a Hershey's Kiss and wrap the plastic around it

Tie off with another piece of string

Continue until you have 14 days -- be sure to keep the kisses tight in line so you have enough space

Tie off the end with a cute bow

Print heart and place at the top

Hang in your home and enjoy a Hug & a Kiss each day until Valentine's Day!


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