Nurses Gift Baskets

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

One of the best tips I've received about my upcoming hospital visit is creating Nurses Baskets! I loved this idea! And didn't think of it myself, so I'm glad someone shared the tip with me. 

Basically, as a small way to say thank you and show gratitude to your Labor & Delivery Nurses you create a little gift basket. I first heard about this on Instagram and after doing a little research of my own on Pinterest I rounded up a list of items that they would appreciate! 

Below is a checklist so you don't forget anything! Once I knew I was going to do this, I grabbed a few items here and there at Target so it wouldn't feel like one big purchase right before baby arrives. 

PS. Keep out of hubby's reach! LOL I noticed a few missing things that I had to replace ;)

PSS. Make sure to include a little note or tag that says who the basket is from! I just added a small tag that said "Thank you for taking care of us and our sweet baby! With Love, Seth, Shardonnay and Merloe"