One Month + Holiday Updates

Thursday, December 17, 2020

It's the holiday season! Finally, we made it to December after a long year I feel like every needs a little pick me up... "best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!" -- name that movie! I had to sneak in an Elf reference as all the holiday movies have been on repeat over here. And I'm a sucker for a good Hallmark movie. We spent this past weekend baking and decorating sugar cookies. This was much harder with a newborn! It literally took us all day LOL but we had so much fun! We used this recipe from Rachel Parcell, it was so yummy and easy to make! 


Merloe is officially One Month! I can't believe we've made it this far, at first it seemed like a distant milestone but now we finally have some experience and are slowly getting a routine. When we went for her first Pediatrician's appointment she had lost a little bit of her birth weight, which is completely normal! I had every intention of breastfeeding but was open to supplementing with formula if we needed to. We quickly realized she wasn't the best at feeding that way when we took her in for her 2 Week appointment and she hadn't reached her birth weight still. So we decided to start supplementing with formula and at her One Month appointment she was 8 lb. 12 oz. -- woohoo! As first time parents this was a success. We had gone through countless nights of testing different formulas, spit up, trying different bottles, projectile spit up, gas, trying another bottle type, switching formula one last time to get to this point. 

Seth is also back to work now, luckily still working from home. We love having him close by but wow life with a newborn is much harder when I'm alone. I'm so grateful for the help we do have living with my parents, they are always willing to step in and hold or feed her so we can take a quick break. This time is just so weird because when I grew up imagining having a baby, I never thought I'd be stuck at home most days due to a worldwide pandemic! I thought I'd be out and about, meeting up with friends for lunch, taking her to the park for playdates with other babies, doing stroller group exercising and teaching her the ways of Target. But we've played it pretty safe and only gone for Target Drive Up -- thank goodness for drive up! 

Merloe is really starting to show her personality and is becoming more aware of her surroundings. Her eyes are blue, I know all babies are born with blue eyes but I'm hoping they stay blue. Seth has blue eyes and so does my mom, mine are hazel. Her hair has started to lighten, especially at the roots. You can really tell in the sunshine. She's also growing lengthwise, she's now 20.5" long and officially outgrown her Newborn clothes. They fit her body well, but her feet and legs are getting a little cramped so we packed those away. Cue the mom tears! We've also upped her diaper game and switched from Newborn to Size 1 diapers. We almost had enough diapers but had to buy one more pack to get us through, not too shabby! 


Some of her favorite things include bath time, she loves taking baths. Until we pull her out then she's not too happy. Her skin is pretty dry so our Pediatrician gave us the go ahead to use non-scented white lotion. We've been using Pipette brand and loving their products for bath time. Surprisingly she also loves tummy time! I can tell when she gets frustrated though when she can't fully lift her head. But she's turning her head from side to side. She also loves looking at the Christmas tree and anything that lights up. She'll be a Christmas gal just like her momma! She's constantly smiling and starting to make lots of noises. (Especially at night, she loves grunting in her sleep! It's cute and funny during the day but at night it's a little exhausting!) She's starting to sleep longer stretches too, we're up to 4-5 hours at night. We're lightly following Taking Cara Babies doing the Eat/Play/Sleep method every 3 hours, except at nighttime. Our Pediatrician gave us the green light to let her wake us.

During her first few weeks we decided to get newborn photos taken by Peyton Michelle Photography, who did our maternity photos. She came over to the house and captured the most beautiful photos of Merloe, I could cry! And of course during the majority of our session Merloe was wide awake LOL but they all came out so perfect. 


Wishing you and your family a Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas! 


Monday, December 14, 2020

What a year! Turning 29 is not really a big year, but it's my last year in my twenties!!! This year I don't have much planned (thanks to COVID) so I thought I'd share 29 things I love!

Even though it's been a rollercoaster of emotions, 2020 brought us the most beautiful gift! Here are 29 things I love and/or am thankful for (in no particular order):

1. Merloe

2. Seth

3. My Parents

4. God

5. Home 

6. Poppy & JoJo

7. Target Drive Up

8. Family

9. Health

10. Friends

11. The Mirage/Work Family

12. Merloe's Delivery Nurses/Doctor

13. Facetime 

14. Snuggle Me Lounger 

15. Snowy Christmas 

16. Watching Seth become a Dad

17. Walking at the Park

18. Starbucks #NewbornLife

19. Middle of the Night Snuggles with Merloe 

20. Disneyland

21. Working from Home

22. Loungewear

23. Traveling

24. Crumbl 

25. Hallmark Channel 

26. Lululemon 

27. Sushi

28. Sunsets

29. Becoming a Mom

Next year is the big 3-0 and I've always wished to travel for my 30th Birthday. We've talked about going to London, but I guess it depends on what the world looks like by then!

Merloe's Birth Story

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Merloe Charlene Turner is finally here! She was pretty comfortable in my belly so we ended up having to be induced. I thought I'd share my story since I was unfamiliar with the induction process and hopefully it can help others. 

And let me tell you... I am so thankful for our family helping us as we adjust as new parents. Giving birth and caring for another tiny human has been the most challenging, yet beautiful thing I've ever done. I couldn't have done it without my husband cheering me on and taking care of me, postpartum life is no joke! Anyways, I figured now that Merloe is officially 2 Weeks Old it's time to document her birth... 

October 7, 2020

My first official cervix check - only 1 cm dilated. The doctor said that's completely normal for a first time mom. He said to expect her the week of my due date or after.

October 13, 2020

I lost my mucus plug! Or at least some of it. After doing some research, many moms can lose their mucus plug and go straight into labor while others can be stuck waiting a few more weeks. AKA - me!

October 21, 2020

My last OB appointment and I'm still only dilated to 1 cm. AH! I was hoping to be at 3 cm. My doctor performed a membrane sweep which caused me to loose more of my mucus plug, but no signs of Merloe coming early. We decided, with the doctor, to book an appointment to be induced. I called to book the appointment and we were hoping for a later date to give Merloe more time to come on her own, but the only available date was October 27 - so there's that! I think that was God's way of telling me, no matter how hard I tried I wasn't going to be "planning" her birth -- it's all in his hands!

October 24, 2020

Happy Due Date! Still no signs of Merloe coming. And we tried everything to induce labor early! Doctor said she's still sitting high which is crazy because I can feel her down in my pelvic area but she continues to kick my ribs! 


October 27, 2020

Time to check in to the hospital. Both Seth and I worked all day, which was probably helpful since we we're both feeling anxious so it gave us an outlet to focus on. Check-in time was 9:00 p.m. The doctor said they usually bring in the moms late at night to start the process since sometimes it can take up to 12 hours to get the process started. We arrived to St. Rose San Dominican - San Martin Hospital and went up to the 2nd Floor. With Covid-19 we had to get our temperatures checked as we arrived and put on a new face mask that they provided. (Side Note: Seth was the only visitor I was allowed to bring with me during our entire stay. He could leave and grab food or run an errand if needed, but I couldn't have any extra visitors.) We got settled in with our Labor Nurse, Darlene - she was amazing! She had me change into my hospital gown and hooked me up to the fetal heart rate, contraction, and blood pressure monitors. After that she started me on an IV. She checked my cervix and I was 2 cm dilated - YAY progress! Then she had to pull my cervix forward, this was one of the most painful things during my labor. WOWZA - wasn't prepared for that. Then she started me on Cytotek - also VERY painful. This was going to start thinning my cervix. She mentioned I could have to do up to 4 rounds depending on how quickly my contractions came together. 

October 28, 2020

Darlene came in around 3:30 a.m. to check my cervix again - now dilated to 3 cm! I was starting to get uncomfortable, like period cramping but a little bit stronger. Not super painful but I couldn't sleep through them so she gave me Dilaudid through my IV. This was going to help take the edge off and make me drowsy. At this point on a scale of 1-10, I'd say my pain was at a 2. I just wanted to sleep knowing I had a lot to prepare for in the coming hours. I ended up waking up on my own around 5:00 a.m. and Darlene came in saying that my contractions were getting close together so I wouldn't need to do Cytotek anymore - thank goodness! Since she was there I had her help me go to the bathroom, once I got back into bed my water broke on it's own! This was such a weird sensation. I was hoping my water would break on it's own to have that "experience" haha! It was like a gush of warm water that I had no control over. She performed another cervix check and I was 4 cm dilated. YES! I made sure to mention I absolutely wanted the epidural! But of course, he was 30 minutes away. The contractions started pretty quickly after my water broke and gradually increased in pain. The first few just felt like bad cramping again, but I could see on the monitor they were ramping up. Eventually they got worse... I'm not sure how many I had to go through before the anestealogist made it there but it felt like forever. It just felt like my whole body would lock up and tighten. I had to squeeze Seth's hand the entire contraction and focus on my breathing in and out. I don't think I could ever do it without the epidural -- that was enough pain for me. At this point I would say my pain level was at an 8. Darlene gave me another dose of Dilaudid to try and take the edge off before my epidural arrived but that wasn't strong enough. Finally he arrived at 5:45 a.m. and then life was golden! Some people say the epidural is painful, but I didn't think it was at all. Maybe because it was less painful than the contractions? The epidural finally kicked in after 15 minutes or so, about 3 more contractions. It's such a weird sensation not feeling your lower half, I was nervous it would make me feel "stuck" but I think you're just so thankful to not be in pain that it didn't even cross my mind. Darlene performed one last cervix check before her shift ended at 6:30 a.m. and I was 5 cm dilated and 90% effaced! WOO! We were getting closer. She also prayed over us before she left which was so special and something I'll never forget. It was exactly what I needed to keep me going. We played a Spotify worship playlist the entire time to keep me calm and remind me that God is in control, there was nothing to worry about. 

Our new Labor Nurse, Penny, came in around 7:30 to start me on Pitocin. This was the final stretch and what makes the contractions come closer together to initiate labor. She was also super nice, answered all of our questions and talked with us to get to know one another better. The nurses dropped off breakfast, but I was on a "Liquid Only" diet so my breakfast consisted of chicken broth, hot water, apple juice, orange Jello and an Italian ice. Honestly I was worried I would be hungry but I wasn't. I ended up just having a few sips of the hot water since I was cold. And I knew if I was going to get sick during labor, whatever I ate was going to come out. Throughout the morning Penny had told me to let her know if I felt "pressure" down there, as a sign of labor -- TMI, but if I had the urge to go 'poo' I needed to let her know and she would check my cervix. I felt pressure, but nothing painful so I never said anything. Penny came in around 9:00 a.m. to check my cervix and to everyone's surprise I was 10 cm dilated and 100% effaced - it was time to have a baby! Our doctor ended up being there at the perfect time, she just came to say hi and check how I was doing. She checked my cervix too and said she had another C-Section delivery at a different hospital so we needed to get going now! And then things moved QUICK. More nurses came in, carts rolling in with different equipment. Seth set up the tripod for photos and started our worship playlist again. We had just started watching Spider-Man and I was not going to deliver our beautiful daughter to a Marvel movie LOL. After about an hour of pushing she was here...

Merloe Charlene Turner

Born on October 28, 2020 at 9:59 a.m. weighing 7 lbs. 13 oz. and 19.5" long

while "Tremble" by Mosaic MSC was playing in the background. 

Overall I'd say our experience at the hospital was very positive. Everyone was so kind and accommodating to our requests. Dr. Shiode was so great, she really made us feel comfortable throughout the labor. And Seth was amazing! He held my leg throughout the pushing and didn't pass out! HAHA you never know! He kept me calm, fanned me, helped me get ice chips and Chapstick. It was a whirlwind of an experience, we both thought she wouldn't come until later that night or even the next day. But as soon as she was placed on my chest our whole world changed. Seth cut the umbilical cord and said it was a lot harder than he thought. It felt like cutting a thick plastic tube. They got her all cleaned up and Seth watched over Merloe as I got stitched up - I had a 2nd degree tear... ouch. Honestly I couldn't feel it then, but the recovery has been rough. Now that I could officially eat whatever I wanted, Seth ordered sushi for us - spicy tuna roll please! This was one of my most missed things during pregnancy. 

We stayed in the hospital that night and our parenting instincts kicked in as she woke us up about every hour to feed. We're currently breastfeeding and hoping we can continue that journey for a while! Since I couldn't move my lower half for a few hours after delivery, Seth became the master at changing diapers and swaddling. For someone who had never changed a diaper before he sure caught on quick and it was great for them to bond through those moments. He even helped with her first bath!

Merloe passed all of her tests and my Doctor gave me the green light for discharge! We came home on Thursday night. Both of our parents were there to welcome us home and of course hold their first grandbaby - Merloe Charlene Turner. 

Nurses Gift Baskets

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

One of the best tips I've received about my upcoming hospital visit is creating Nurses Baskets! I loved this idea! And didn't think of it myself, so I'm glad someone shared the tip with me. 

Basically, as a small way to say thank you and show gratitude to your Labor & Delivery Nurses you create a little gift basket. I first heard about this on Instagram and after doing a little research of my own on Pinterest I rounded up a list of items that they would appreciate! 

Below is a checklist so you don't forget anything! Once I knew I was going to do this, I grabbed a few items here and there at Target so it wouldn't feel like one big purchase right before baby arrives. 

PS. Keep out of hubby's reach! LOL I noticed a few missing things that I had to replace ;)

PSS. Make sure to include a little note or tag that says who the basket is from! I just added a small tag that said "Thank you for taking care of us and our sweet baby! With Love, Seth, Shardonnay and Merloe"

Third Trimester | 32 Week BUMPdate

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

I can't believe I'm 32 weeks pregnant! Which means we only have 8 weeks left... or less! Baby is the size of a squash and measuring about 16" long and 3.5 pounds! These are just average sizes so she could be a little more or a little less. I want to say a little less, but I can definitely tell she's grown a lot within these past few weeks. When she's moving I can feel her from my left side all the way to my right side.

We now see our doctor every 2 weeks! They've just been doing a heartbeat check and measuring of my belly. They said she seems to be growing right on track and might already be head down. I'm not sure when my next ultrasound is, but Seth and I also want to do a 3D/4D ultrasound to get a better glimpse at her face. My doctor suggested we do one between 30-32 weeks so they're nice and plump, but not too large that their face is hidden! 

Once I hit 30 weeks I really started to feel the "heaviness" of pregnancy. I was definitely moving slower, it was harder to breathe - especially if we we're walking uphill or stairs, and I feel myself getting tired earlier in the day - just like my First Trimester. 

Maternity Photos at 29 weeks

We've had many life changes these past few weeks so I thought I would update you! We officially sold our house! It was a bittersweet moment since this was our first home we bought and updated together. We didn't think we'd be moving so soon, but the market was too good to pass up. We're currently living with my parents until after the baby comes and then we'll start looking for our new home toward the end of the year. We ended up moving during the hottest week in Las Vegas - steady temps over 110°. I felt so bad for Seth since I couldn't do too much, he had to do all the heavy lifting and loading up our storage unit. But he did have some help from his family which was so nice!


Also, I got my job back at The Mirage! Our hotel had been closed since the city shut down in March and just reopened on August 27. So I went into the office a few days prior to opening, it was so weird to see inside an empty casino and how quiet it was. The opening went great and the guests and employees are so excited to be back. It's a crazy time here and a roller coaster of emotions since there were thousands of employees who were laid off on August 31, due to business needs. I feel so blessed and thankful to be back to work, but I will miss so many of my co-workers! 

After a long day in the office or running around I find myself starting to waddle! LOL it's such a funny feeling you can't really describe until you're pregnant. I try and stand up straight and hold my belly in but OMG my back is killing me by the end of the day. Sometimes I'll do a heating pad, massage chair or stretching to help alleviate the pain. I even did a prenatal massage a few months ago which was amazing! Highly recommend. I've also heard great things about seeing a prenatal chiropractor, but I haven't done that personally. 

Merloe seems to be moving quite often - which is great! Especially if I sit down for work or really at the end of my day when I'm laying in bed. Seth's been able to feel some of her big moves and kicks which is so amazing. It's just funny to wonder what she's doing in there and which part of her is poking me. I always feel more of a "rounded bump" on my right side so I think it's her bum! And then a slight poke on the right side of my waist so I feel like she's kicking that way? I have no idea! Before I was pregnant the thought of a baby moving inside me freaked me out!!! But now, it's so special and exciting to feel her. It's never been too bad to the point where she prevents me from sleeping. I do toss and turn throughout the night, but my pregnancy pillow has been a lifesaver. I used to be a back sleeper, so I cannot wait until I can do that again. 

Side note... I also miss wearing jeans. I've tried buying a few pairs and sizing up but it's just not the same. I can't wait to wear jeans, sleep on my back and eat raw sushi!

I've been really trying to focus on getting my water in for the day. If I can get a half gallon of water down, I feel like that's a success. And any more than that is just extra credit! If anyone is looking to do the same, this water bottle has helped me! I can definitely tell when I don't drink enough water. I've had a few leg cramps while sleeping - not fun! So I try and eat a few bananas a week and use Liquid IV - those have been my lifesavers! And then I'm getting up to use the bathroom on average 2 times in the middle of the night, sometimes more sometimes less. Not too bad!!

About a month ago I started feeling these little "spasm" like kicks from her. So of course I had to google and turns out those are hiccups! Who knew?! She has those every once in a while so those are kind of funny to feel. 

As far as working out... LOL. Full blown workouts ended a while ago. But I try and walk Poppy 5 days a week so that's been super helpful. We get up early in the morning before it gets too warm and walk for about 30 minutes or so. There's a beautiful park in our new neighborhood with a lot of trees and grass so it's very refreshing and peaceful over there. We even took our new stroller out (Thanks Mom & Dad!!) to practice walking Poppy with the stroller. She hasn't quite grasped the stroller concept yet - but she'll get there!


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Monday, August 3, 2020

It's finally here! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has always been one of my favorite sales of the year. A perfect time for Nordstrom Cardmembers to grab Fall items at a discounted rate. Typically I would stock up on work wear BUT times have changed and that's no longer needed right now. So I'm going to focus on items for baby and potentially add a few early Christmas gifts for family. There are thousands of items on sale, so I've gathered my favorites from each category so it's easy for you to add to your cart! 

Just a reminder, here are the shopping dates depending on which tier you are with Nordstrom (if you don't have a card, you can start shopping August 19, prices go up on August 31):

ICONS | August 4-18
AMBASSADORS | August 7-18
INFLUENCERS | August 10-18 
INSIDERS | August 13-18 *This is me! Anyone with a card can automatically shop at this time.
EVERYONE | August 19-30

As always, the links below are commission. Thank you for supporting me and my family!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

Second Trimester | Q+A

Friday, July 31, 2020

As my second trimester is ending this week (OMG!!!) I figured I would give our friends & family an update on how everything is going! Fair warning --- it's a long one! 

We decided to do a little 'Gender Reveal' party with family just after our 20 week ultrasound and it was so much fun! I was so nervous to find out and share the news with everyone. A few people kept telling me they were having dreams I was expecting twins, but NOPE just one in there ;) I wrote a blog post about our party here if you'd like to read more about our celebration! 

I've mentioned this a little bit on my Instagram, but we might be selling our home! We would love to move closer to our families once baby comes so we thought it might be a good time to list. There were a few things we needed to get done though before then so we had new carpet installed throughout the upstairs and we painted the entire interior to have a cleaner modern look. It was definitely exhausting moving furniture back and forth but we were able to get a lot out and really started to declutter our home - early nesting! Now that everything is done, our home is officially listed! We're in a great position where we don't need to sell our home but it would be nice to sell before the baby comes so we can get situated before then. 

UPDATE: After being on the market for less than a week, we're in escrow!! Feeling so thankful and blessed.


During our painting and carpet install we took the time to get out of the house a do a little "staycation babymoon" at Green Valley Ranch. We would have loved to travel somewhere out of state, but just to be safe we stayed close to home. When we got married (almost 4 years ago!!) we stayed at Green Valley Ranch so we thought it would be fun to stay there again. Seth booked us a room that overlooked their vineyard with an outdoor patio. So we enjoyed breakfast out there in the morning and even did take out dinner one night so we could sit outside again. We took our First Look and Bridal photos in that vineyard so it was extra special to be back and feel all the feels again! We also decided to test our luck in the casino and ended up walking out with an extra $700! It seemed so weird to think that would probably be the last time in a while where we were alone "traveling" at a hotel. But we can't wait for baby girl to arrive so we can travel with her and bring her to our favorite places to create new memories as a family. 


At my 26 Week doctor's appointment we did another ultrasound so they could check on her spine. She wasn't cooperating at my 20 Week ultrasound so they just wanted to double check again and they said everything looked great! Soon after the nurse walked in with the dreaded ORANGE GLUCOSE DRINK. I've heard so many horror stories about the Glucose Test and how horrible the drink tastes, but to be honest it really wasn't bad! I was kind of surprised. It tasted like a flat orange soda. I had to finish the drink within 5 minutes and then wait an hour for them to test the glucose levels in my blood. I felt like that was the most annoying part was sitting in the waiting room. We weren't prepared so we didn't bring anything with us. So future moms - bring a book or something to pass the time! If you don't know the blood Glucose Test is a way for doctor's to check if your blood sugar levels are in a normal range which can determine if you'll have Gestational Diabetes. There's really no "trick" to passing this test from what I've read. It all just depends on how your body handles it while pregnant. 

UPDATE: I passed the test! Woohoo! 

Overall my Second Trimester was a dream! My bump was growing more so it was fun to see her start to poke out. I did start buying more clothes in the next size up and I grabbed a few maternity options that'll hopefully get me to the end. She's definitely moving a lot more! I'm not going to lie... before I was pregnant the thought of a baby moving around inside me made me nauseous. It seemed weird to think of another human growing in my belly but as I've gotten further along all I want to feel is her move! Seth has even felt her multiple times. We think she loves when he sings to her! :) She also seems to like chocolate covered raisins LOL but we love feeling her move! We're just getting so excited to meet her and see who she'll be. 

From 15 weeks ... to 15 weeks left!

Next up on our journey is to take some online baby courses! Since the hospitals aren't offering these right now (thanks COVID) we have to get a little creative. I reached out to my fellow mamas and these were the most suggested:

Local In Person
    HypnoBirthing Las Vegas | They are still offering in person class options! HypnoBirthing is a technique for achieving a satisfying, relaxing, and stress-free method of birthing

Online Courses
Taking Cara Babies | Online sleep courses for newborns to 2 years old
Tiny Hood Baby 101 | Courses for breastfeeding, sleep, safety, and newborn care. We took the breastfeeding course and it was extremely helpful - plus it was free! If you purchase any other classes use code AQN8WW for 15% off.
Lactation Link | Breastfeeding and pumping source
Pampers Childbirth Education Free Classes | 9-part series - from contractions and stages of labor to breastfeeding and check-ups
Baby Bump Life Podcast | Nurse Whit discusses tips for new mom and dads - easy quick little episodes I've been listening to on my walks

Questions + Answers

Here are some questions and answers about my Second Trimester...

Eating, Working Out and New Cravings?
I feel like the Second Trimester is when things finally go back to normal. I haven't had any cravings or weird food aversions - which is amazing! I've been trying to keep up on my workouts with ObĂ© Fitness and taking Poppy for walks. It's so warm out now so we've been having to wake up earlier so I don't always make it but I try to go at least 4 times a week. I'm still not super comfortable going to the gyms so I haven't done that since I was about 9 weeks pregnant. So far I've gained about 20 pounds! 

Have you started your nursery?
Yes and no... We have picked out a few things for her nursery like the glider, foot rest, crib and rug. We also purchased a shelving unit for her closet and dresser from IKEA but we haven't put it together yet - knowing it's going to take over 3 hours we keep putting it off. With the possibility of selling our home, we don't want to get too far into decorating just to take everything back down.

Have you decided on a name?
If you haven't seen my social media post yet - YES! I've had an ongoing list in my iPhone notes section forever! Doesn't everyone? Seth and I have always had a top girl name - Merloe. We loved the idea of the name being similar to mine and felt like it was unique, but so beautiful! As for her middle name, we decided to use my maternal Grandma's name - Charlene. My grandma is one special lady! Seth and I both felt this would be an amazing way to honor her and carry on her legacy. I can't wait for them to meet, hopefully soon after she's born.

Maternity Wear
This has been so tricky lately. "Luckily" I'm not working, so I can be pretty casual at home with my loungewear that I already had. Otherwise I'm just sticking to dresses. I've found most of my favorite pieces through Amazon, Pink Blush Maternity and my favorite - Lululemon. I've also been wanting some jeans but I didn't want to invest in an expensive maternity pair so I just purchased non-maternity jeans from American Eagle and then I wear a belly band or tank top over the zipper/button area to keep them from falling down.

Book Recommendations
Seth and I both have a small stack of books on our nightstand that we're trying to go through before baby girl makes her appearance! Here's a list of what we're reading:

It's a GIRL!

Thursday, July 16, 2020

We are so excited to announce that baby Turner is a GIRL!

We ended up doing a little "Gender Reveal" party with our closest family and friends about a month ago at my parent's home. We also had many others on ZOOM for a virtual party so they could join in, too! With everything going on in the world, I was still a little nervous to surround myself with a large group of people so we kept it small and simple.

I decided to go with a 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' theme and ordered invites and signage through Etsy. It was so easy to print at my local print shop and curbside pick up once it was complete. I also ordered a lot of decorations through Amazon! We ordered pizza and of course had to have a Nothing Bundt Cake, I just added a gold moon cake topper and glitter stars to the bundtinis for a more custom look.

Seth and I were both surprised it was a girl. I think we just thought the odds of having a boy were greater so we had that in the back of our minds the entire time! Now that I can buy all the cute baby girl clothes it's starting to feel more "real" and Seth has come around to the idea of raising a little girl. He's nervous since he's only been around boys growing up, but I'm nervous too! As first time parents I know it'll be a journey regardless and we are just over the moon about raising a little girl.

I wish we would have been able to have everyone join us in person for this milestone celebration, but all of our friends and family have made us feel so loved and comforted during this time. We've already started receiving many cute gifts for baby girl! Now it's time to work on the nursery!

PS. I ordered this dress for our reveal party, it's not maternity but I just wore a Large and had plenty of room so I can continue to wear it for the next few months. They have so many cute options if you're looking for a Gender Reveal dress or even something for a Baby/Bridal Shower.

Boy or Girl? | 20 Week Ultrasound

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Our 20 week ultrasound is coming up and we can't wait to see what Baby Turner will be! We're doing a small Gender (Sex) Reveal Party with just immediate family this Sunday and then the rest of our family and friends will join us on a live Zoom call due to COVID-19. But until then, we thought it might be fun to see your guess based on a few old wives' tales... what do you think BOY or GIRL?

Morning Sickness/Nausea - Nausea throughout the day, but never got fully sick | BOY

Chinese Calendar - 28 years old and conceived in January | BOY

Pregnancy Acne - nothing out of the ordinary | BOY

Higher Fetal Heartbeat - 16 week ultrasound was 145 | GIRL

Mood - I feel like I haven't been too moody, a few outbursts but Seth might say otherwise | BOY

Carrying - I think I'm carrying low | BOY

Wedding Ring Test - This didn't work for us HAHA so inconclusive results

Cravings - Sour/Sweet, which is not really out of the ordinary for me | GIRL

Dreams - I've had two dreams that it was a girl, Seth has had both boy and girl dreams | BOY/GIRL

If I had to take a guess, I would guess it's a boy! Seth isn't sure, but he's hoping for a boy. Obviously we would be happy either way, but I'm pulling for a girl!

Let us know your guess in the comments below!

Memorial Weekend Sales

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Memorial Weekend is one of the best times to score a few pieces you've been eyeing. For me, I'm looking for baby gear and items for the nursery. And I mighttttt sneak in a few items for myself.

Check below for links and updates on the best sales!

American Eagle - 25-60% OFF! I recently just purchased the Aerie Sunwashed Desert Hoodie and it's lightweight and perfect for my brisk morning walks.

Anthropologie - Extra 50% OFF sale.

Carter's - up to 70% OFF! I ordered some basic white onesies in long sleeve and short sleeve in a few sizes to have on hand.

Ergobaby - Save up to 30% off! We received the Embrace Newborn Carrier and the 360 All Positions Carrier recently and they have great reviews! Obviously haven't used them yet, but I'm so excited to try them out.

Gap - 50% OFF everything with code 'WARM'. I love baby gap clothes! As soon as I found out I was pregnant this was this first store I ran to and purchased a denim jacket and denim overalls. I couldn't help myself!

Hanna Anderson - 40% OFF almost everything and up to 75% off clearance! We still don't know the gender so I'm mainly buying neutrals like this cute One Piece Set in Organic Cotton.

Kendra Scott - 20% OFF site wide!

LOFT - 50% OFF site wide! This is my favorite place to stock up on blouses and lounge wear. Their Lou & Gray line is so comfortable - perfect for quarantine.

Nordstrom - up to 60% OFF including this Free People Blouse - I purchased a small and it's roomy enough for a growing bump!

Old Navy - Enjoy up to 50% OFF almost everything! I recently just purchased some footies for baby and they're actually really soft so I might grab a few more.

Quay Australia - Buy one, get one FREE! I love all of my Quay glasses but my most recent faves are the Jezabell and I might swoop up some blue light glasses!

Target - SO many good deals! BOGO free on all swimwear, up to 25% off patio furniture and score a $40 gift card with a $250 nursery furniture purchase! You know where I'll be ;)

World Market - up to 40% OFF store wide! Plus an extra 10% OFF if you do curbside pick up.

First Trimester | Q+A

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

We found out I was pregnant pretty early...what can I say, I'm excited!! I was about 5 weeks along when I took my first test. I was surprised I wasn't feeling any symptoms but I read most start to kick in around 6+ weeks. Well... it definitely kicked in! Although, I do think I was pretty lucky with my first trimester symptoms, especially since I was working at the time. I was nervous about the morning sickness because I have a sensitive stomach to begin with, but I didn't get sick at all. PRAISE! I did  have nausea all day long. So of course I craved anything that involved carbs... bagels, pretzels, PB&J. Cheerios were my go to (and still are!) for breakfast and dinner. Also another symptom was the fatigue. This hit hard. It was soooo hard to push through the work day. I was still working out during this time so I was waking up early, but by now it was normal for me to get in bed around 9:00 - 10:00 p.m. But during my first trimester I was hitting bed earlier than normal. My last symptom was food aversions. Ah! This sucked. The thought of drinking coffee in the morning... BLAH. Which made the fatigue more difficult. Meat didn't sound too great either. I really just needed simple foods.

Other than that, I didn't really have any major or weird cravings. I was also loving fruit and any sour candy, which is kind of normal for me. I also started doing more research about my skin care and what was safe for my body. I'll probably do another post regarding safe beauty products.

For now I've listed below my Top 10 First Trimester Favorites that have helped me along the way! Some exciting news to go along with that is I'm now on where you can shop my links and I can earn a commission. You can click "Shop" at the top of my blog which will show you my Instagram Feed or download the app and follow me. Thank you for helping support me and my family!

Questions + Answers

We've been getting a lot of the same questions from friends and family so I thought I would answer a few of them here...

How did you know you were ready to start a family?
To be honest, I don't know if we ever really knew when we would be ready. Seth and I have been together for a long time so everyone always asked us when we were going to get married and then when were we going to have kids. I know it's a natural life plan to go in that order but I still felt like a child myself. Was I responsible enough for another human? Was I ready to give up things I love to do? For selfish reasons I wasn't ready right away. And neither was Seth! So we started with Poppy haha! She definitely broke us in and quickly showed us how little sleep we would get when we we're potty training her. Eventually we just prayed and talked together and realized we didn't want to wait any longer to start our family.

Do you have any names picked out?
Yes! I feel like I've had a list of names in my phone notes section for YEARS! You can ask any of my friends. We have a few top names for both but I think once we find out the gender we'll be able to narrow it down a little more. We have a mixture of family names and unique names.

Do you think it's a boy or girl?
I've only had girl dreams!! Not sure what that means, but they just felt so strong. But all of my symptoms point to boy so I'm confused! I'm hoping for a girl and obviously Seth is hoping for a boy. Either way we'd be so happy because I eventually want one of each if possible. Girl clothes are just sooo much cuter!

Have you gained weight?
This is sooo hard and definitely plays with your mind. I've been on a fitness journey for the past year where I lost pounds and body fat. I was really getting in a groove and starting to feel great. So it's weird to change my mind set now that I'm supposed to be gaining weight. Last time I went in I was up 2 pounds. So it's slowly adding. I'm trying to make good choices and stay active, but it's hard!

What are you most excited for?
There are sooo many things I'm excited for. I'm excited to see if we're having a boy or a girl. I'm excited to find out what their personality is like. I'm excited to see Seth as a dad and our parents as grandparents. I'm just over the moon these days. The emotional side is starting to kick in and I'm not much for showing emotion!

How We Announced

Saturday, May 9, 2020

After finding out we we're pregnant we wanted to wait until after our first doctor's appointment to tell our family and friends. So we went in for our 8 week ultrasound and sure enough, there was a baby in there! It was a surreal moment for both of us to see our baby on the screen for the first time. It looked like a little bean! Luckily for us that coming week was Seth's 30th Birthday so both of our families were going to be together in one room which proved to be the perfect place to let them in on our little secret. I was so nervous and Seth was so excited to spill the beans. It was killing him to keep this secret from his family. We had everyone over at my parent's house for a little dinner and cake. We wanted to keep things simple but still gather everyone to celebrate. I just wanted to tell everyone as soon as they arrived because I was so nervous. I don't know why! I think you just imagine a moment like this for so long and when the time comes you want it to be perfect. We decided I was going to give Seth one of his presents from me and inside would be a baby outfit. We knew everyone would probably be watching him open gifts and give us the perfect opportunity to surprise them! I tried to film a sneaky video from the other side and you have to watch to see everyone's reactions! Seth's mom caught on soooo quickly! She said she had a feeling I was pregnant because Seth had recently told her I wasn't feeling well. My dad was so confused HAHA it took everyone a quick second to catch on before Seth announced... WE'RE PREGNANT!

I also wanted to loop in my best friends, but with only two of them in state and the rest out of state I shipped them these cute little gifts from Nothing Bundt Cake!

About Me

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Hello! I thought it would be fun to use this space to document my thoughts and memories as I go through my first pregnancy. A little bit about me... My husband and I were high school sweethearts (que the AWWW) and were married on October 1, 2016. Two years later we decided to bring home our first baby... our goldendoodle Poppy! Coincidentally we closed on our first home that same weekend. Let me tell you, potty training a puppy in a new home is not something I would recommend. Thanks for following along with our family!

How We Found Out

We always knew we wanted to start a family, but figuring out the best timing seemed to be a little tricky! Seth and I got married on October 1, 2016 and decided to spend our first few years as a married couple traveling, working on our hobbies and saving up to buy our first home! During Spring 2019 there were a lot of changes going on with my job, which came with a lot of uncertainty. I decided to start looking for a new position in the Fall. Seth and I had discussed we would start trying for a baby by the end of 2019. Let me also be clear, I'm a December baby and I know how it feels to have a birthday so close to other major holidays (literally I'm smack dab in the middle of Thanksgiving and Christmas). It makes life a little more complicated and Seth always seems to claim his wallet hurts a little bit more during this season ;) so when we talked about having kids, I knew I wanted to try and avoid a December baby as much as possible. I know, no matter how much I try to plan my life, God is always in control and has as bigger plan for me. But I was determined LOL. Well long story short, I ended up getting a new job and started with The Mirage in December! Which kind of put having a baby on the back burner. I knew it was going to be a stressful position and our busiest time of year with NFR Rodeo, New Year's Eve and Super Bowl right after. So we decided to hold off for a little bit. But I quickly realized life is too short to put this off for much longer. I even spoke with my boss who told me the exact same thing. I had heard so many stories of women in the Hospitality Industry that regretted not starting sooner and putting their career first before family. Knowing that, we decided January was going to be a good time to start trying.

Fast forward a few weeks later to February 11, 2020...

I typically wake up around 4:30 AM to workout before I leave for work. When I went into the bathroom to get ready for my class, I thought about taking a pregnancy test. I had taken one a few days prior on Sunday before church and it was negative. To be honest, this was my first time taking a test so I wasn't quite sure how it all worked. But my cycle was supposed to start that week. I even thought about buying an ovulation kit if we didn't get pregnant right away, that's the planner in me! So I took the test before I started getting ready and honestly forgot about it for a few minutes. When I went back to check I assumed it was going to be negative but to my surprise it read PREGNANT! I was in shock! Then I looked over at Seth, obviously he's still sound asleep --- who wakes up this early! But all of these thoughts started racing through my head... My heart started racing, hands slightly shaking... maybe it's not real, maybe it's a fluke. I didn't want to get my hopes up but we had talked and prayed about this for our family and I really thought it would take longer to get pregnant. Then I realized we'll have a Fall baby, I LOVE Fall! Our anniversary is in October then Halloween along with all of the best holidays. It's a special season! Then I thought about how we would share the news with our family and friends. I knew our parents were going to be so happy. If you don't know, Seth and I were High School sweethearts so this has been a long time coming! I knew I had to wake Seth up and tell him before I left for the gym. How could I not!?! As I'm almost done getting ready, he slowly starts waking up and turned on the TV to play in the background. I go over and said "look at this!" as I handed him the pregnancy test. **Mind you he's half asleep** He smiles and tries to squint as he looks at the stick. Poppy, our first baby (she's our Goldendoodle), is all excited now too and trying to grab the stick from him. He goes, "Is it a plus sign?!" Little did he know, we splurged on the digital tests ;) so it clearly reads "PREGNANT" in bold letters. He looks at me, smiles and slightly laughs with this shocked look on his face and goes "I guess your mom was right!" Rewind to many many years ago when my mom gave me "the talk" and reminded me that our family has always been extra fertile so I need to be careful. Well....she wasn't lying! We laughed and both laid there for a few minutes before I had to go. It was a peaceful moment between us as we realized, this is it...

We're going to be parents!