6-9 Month Favorites | Merloe's Must Haves

Tuesday, August 10, 2021



Halfway through her first year of life! Merloe has reach many milestones during her 6-9 months including crawling, sitting up, pulling up on furniture and standing. She's a great sleeper, due to many of these items and loves to drink water from her cup. Here are a few of Merloe's must haves...


Happy Baby Teether Crackers - Her bottom two teeth popped through and ever since she's been chewing on everything! She loves these crackers and they dissolve quickly which makes this nervous mama more comfortable. 

Munchkin Straw Cup - She loves to drink from her straw cup. I've done some research and I believe the earlier you start on the straw cup and skip the sippy cup -- the better! She took to this right away after we got the approval from her pediatrician to introduce water and she loves it! 

Mushie Silicone Bib - Very easy to clean. You can toss it in the dishwasher or hand wash it. I had some fabric ones, but these are just too easy to use I always grab these first.

ezpz Tiny Cup - Another option for introducing a cup. I took the Feeding Littles course and they recommended this cup. Merloe loves drinking from her cup - with mommy & daddy's assistance! 

ezpz Utensils - Same brand as above, very easy to use! Short and wide handle so it's easy for baby to grab.


Kyte Baby 1.0 Sleep Bag - Kyte is made from bamboo, making it SO soft and stretchy. We love all of our Kyte brand products. We sized up to the 6-18 month in 1.0 tog (based on the temperature of your home). I really think Merloe sleeps much better in this sleep bag. They are very spacious so I know it'll last a long time. Just be sure to check the sizing on your babe so it doesn't cover their mouth while sleeping.

Hatch Sound Machine - Again, one of our favorite most used products. Add this to your baby registry!!

VAVA Baby Monitor - I wanted a monitor with NO wi-fi and this one came highly recommended. And it does not disappoint. I actually had an issue with the charging cord and their Customer Service sent me a new one right away with no hassle.

Cleaning & Care

Munchkin Baby Bath Tub - Merloe eventually outgrew her other bath tub so we moved to this one. We currently don't have a bathtub so this makes it easy for us to give her a sink bath. It has a small drain at the bottom which allows it to quickly air dry. 

Grab Green Laundry Detergent Pods (Rosewood Scent) - These smell beautiful! A mixture of rosewood essential oils, these natural pods make it easy to clean her laundry and removes stains. 

Water Wipes - During our beach trip, Merloe got her first really bad diaper rash. Probably from the traveling, moisture in the air and teething (mom's you know what this means) she started to bleed a little. So we quickly ran to Target and picked these up. She never seemed to cry when we use these!

Toys & Such
Five Minute Stories - Seth and I both read to her every night, but we were quickly repeating books so I found this online and it supplied us with multiple 5 minute stories! Just enough time for her nighttime baba. 

Playpen - Now that she's more active we had to get an official playpen. This one is HUGE! So double check your measurements. But it allows her to move around on her own and I know she's safe inside.  

Bibs Pacifier - She's a binky baby. These are her favorite and have been from the beginning. We just went up to Size 2 so I was worried she would notice a difference in nipple size, but nope! They're still her favorite.

Skip Hop Crawl Toy - I really think this helped her learn how to crawl. She loved trying to catch this toy and scoot on her tummy before getting the courage to fully crawl.


Did I miss any of your favorites? What toys or gadgets did your babe like?

Let me know in the comments!

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3-6 Month Favorites | Merloe's Must Haves

Saturday, August 7, 2021


I can't believe we're already halfway to ONE! Merloe is getting closer to crawling and we started trying some puree foods! I gathered her favorite things from the past few months, hopefully this helps any new mamas out there wondering what's coming next!

Bath & Cleaning

Angelcare Baby Bath - We love this bath "tub", it's soft and has air holes so no chance of growing mold. We usually lay a burp cloth down so it's softer on her little body, but this gives us comfort while safely giving her a bath.

Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel - This towel is huge! I feel like all of the other hooded baby towels we purchased are small and scratchy. This one is made from bamboo so it's extra soft on baby's bum.

Pipette Fragrance Free Body Lotion - After bath we use this fragrance free lotion that soaks into her skin. Their whole collection is amazing! We use the bath soap, lotion and diaper cream. 

Grab Green Natural Baby Laundry Detergent Pods - So many baby laundry detergents have toxic ingredients but I found these natural detergent pods through a Bump Box and they smell great. Knowing it's safe for baby and her clothes get cleaned is a win win for me!

Babyganics Foaming Dish & Bottle Soap - We use this dish & bottle soap for all of our hand washing and toy cleaning. Super easy to use and they sell refill bottles.

Fridababy 3-in-1 Picker - This is a game changer! Makes it easy and safe to clean out earwax and boogers.


Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine - We use this every night (TV icon on volume 17 - but this depends on how close it is to baby's head). It has a variety of colors, sounds and is easy to use from your phone.

Halo Sleepsack - After we stopped swaddling we switched to the Halo Sleepsacks. We found this one to be soft and cozy, it's a 3.0 tog level - so just double check that based on the temperature of your house.

Boogie Wipes - In addition to the picker above, this helps with the dry nose - which if you live in Las Vegas, you're familiar with a dry nose. We keep these in the diaper bag too so it's easy to wipe on the go.

Toys & Such

NumNum Pre-Spoon GOOtensils - Since we started foods I researched different types of utensils and I found a short wide handle to be the best option. I like that these come as a 2 pack to start feeding and then once she graduates from purees, you have the next step spoon too.

Teetherpop Fillable Teether - Every since Merloe started teething - EVERYTHING goes in the mouth! I found this and it's easy to fill with water, toss in the freezer and she goes to town. It doesn't leak either so if it melts, you don't have to worry about a mess. We tried puree in this but found water worked best.

Little Pea - This book is SO cute and a unique book gift. Synopsis: Little Pea is happy. There are many things he likes to do, such as roll down hills and hang out with his friends. There is one thing, though, that he does not like, and that is to eat candy as the main course every night for dinner. He struggles through, reluctantly swallowing not just one piece but five, in order to have his favorite dessert–spinach. 

BIBS Baby Pacifier - These are pretty much the only pacifiers Merloe will take. They have a natural rubber nipple and made in Denmark. Plus they have many color options to match any outfit. 


Did I miss any of your favorites? What toys or gadgets did your babe like?

Let me know in the comments!