6-9 Month Favorites | Merloe's Must Haves

Tuesday, August 10, 2021



Halfway through her first year of life! Merloe has reach many milestones during her 6-9 months including crawling, sitting up, pulling up on furniture and standing. She's a great sleeper, due to many of these items and loves to drink water from her cup. Here are a few of Merloe's must haves...


Happy Baby Teether Crackers - Her bottom two teeth popped through and ever since she's been chewing on everything! She loves these crackers and they dissolve quickly which makes this nervous mama more comfortable. 

Munchkin Straw Cup - She loves to drink from her straw cup. I've done some research and I believe the earlier you start on the straw cup and skip the sippy cup -- the better! She took to this right away after we got the approval from her pediatrician to introduce water and she loves it! 

Mushie Silicone Bib - Very easy to clean. You can toss it in the dishwasher or hand wash it. I had some fabric ones, but these are just too easy to use I always grab these first.

ezpz Tiny Cup - Another option for introducing a cup. I took the Feeding Littles course and they recommended this cup. Merloe loves drinking from her cup - with mommy & daddy's assistance! 

ezpz Utensils - Same brand as above, very easy to use! Short and wide handle so it's easy for baby to grab.


Kyte Baby 1.0 Sleep Bag - Kyte is made from bamboo, making it SO soft and stretchy. We love all of our Kyte brand products. We sized up to the 6-18 month in 1.0 tog (based on the temperature of your home). I really think Merloe sleeps much better in this sleep bag. They are very spacious so I know it'll last a long time. Just be sure to check the sizing on your babe so it doesn't cover their mouth while sleeping.

Hatch Sound Machine - Again, one of our favorite most used products. Add this to your baby registry!!

VAVA Baby Monitor - I wanted a monitor with NO wi-fi and this one came highly recommended. And it does not disappoint. I actually had an issue with the charging cord and their Customer Service sent me a new one right away with no hassle.

Cleaning & Care

Munchkin Baby Bath Tub - Merloe eventually outgrew her other bath tub so we moved to this one. We currently don't have a bathtub so this makes it easy for us to give her a sink bath. It has a small drain at the bottom which allows it to quickly air dry. 

Grab Green Laundry Detergent Pods (Rosewood Scent) - These smell beautiful! A mixture of rosewood essential oils, these natural pods make it easy to clean her laundry and removes stains. 

Water Wipes - During our beach trip, Merloe got her first really bad diaper rash. Probably from the traveling, moisture in the air and teething (mom's you know what this means) she started to bleed a little. So we quickly ran to Target and picked these up. She never seemed to cry when we use these!

Toys & Such
Five Minute Stories - Seth and I both read to her every night, but we were quickly repeating books so I found this online and it supplied us with multiple 5 minute stories! Just enough time for her nighttime baba. 

Playpen - Now that she's more active we had to get an official playpen. This one is HUGE! So double check your measurements. But it allows her to move around on her own and I know she's safe inside.  

Bibs Pacifier - She's a binky baby. These are her favorite and have been from the beginning. We just went up to Size 2 so I was worried she would notice a difference in nipple size, but nope! They're still her favorite.

Skip Hop Crawl Toy - I really think this helped her learn how to crawl. She loved trying to catch this toy and scoot on her tummy before getting the courage to fully crawl.


Did I miss any of your favorites? What toys or gadgets did your babe like?

Let me know in the comments!

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3-6 Month Favorites | Merloe's Must Haves

Saturday, August 7, 2021


I can't believe we're already halfway to ONE! Merloe is getting closer to crawling and we started trying some puree foods! I gathered her favorite things from the past few months, hopefully this helps any new mamas out there wondering what's coming next!

Bath & Cleaning

Angelcare Baby Bath - We love this bath "tub", it's soft and has air holes so no chance of growing mold. We usually lay a burp cloth down so it's softer on her little body, but this gives us comfort while safely giving her a bath.

Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel - This towel is huge! I feel like all of the other hooded baby towels we purchased are small and scratchy. This one is made from bamboo so it's extra soft on baby's bum.

Pipette Fragrance Free Body Lotion - After bath we use this fragrance free lotion that soaks into her skin. Their whole collection is amazing! We use the bath soap, lotion and diaper cream. 

Grab Green Natural Baby Laundry Detergent Pods - So many baby laundry detergents have toxic ingredients but I found these natural detergent pods through a Bump Box and they smell great. Knowing it's safe for baby and her clothes get cleaned is a win win for me!

Babyganics Foaming Dish & Bottle Soap - We use this dish & bottle soap for all of our hand washing and toy cleaning. Super easy to use and they sell refill bottles.

Fridababy 3-in-1 Picker - This is a game changer! Makes it easy and safe to clean out earwax and boogers.


Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine - We use this every night (TV icon on volume 17 - but this depends on how close it is to baby's head). It has a variety of colors, sounds and is easy to use from your phone.

Halo Sleepsack - After we stopped swaddling we switched to the Halo Sleepsacks. We found this one to be soft and cozy, it's a 3.0 tog level - so just double check that based on the temperature of your house.

Boogie Wipes - In addition to the picker above, this helps with the dry nose - which if you live in Las Vegas, you're familiar with a dry nose. We keep these in the diaper bag too so it's easy to wipe on the go.

Toys & Such

NumNum Pre-Spoon GOOtensils - Since we started foods I researched different types of utensils and I found a short wide handle to be the best option. I like that these come as a 2 pack to start feeding and then once she graduates from purees, you have the next step spoon too.

Teetherpop Fillable Teether - Every since Merloe started teething - EVERYTHING goes in the mouth! I found this and it's easy to fill with water, toss in the freezer and she goes to town. It doesn't leak either so if it melts, you don't have to worry about a mess. We tried puree in this but found water worked best.

Little Pea - This book is SO cute and a unique book gift. Synopsis: Little Pea is happy. There are many things he likes to do, such as roll down hills and hang out with his friends. There is one thing, though, that he does not like, and that is to eat candy as the main course every night for dinner. He struggles through, reluctantly swallowing not just one piece but five, in order to have his favorite dessert–spinach. 

BIBS Baby Pacifier - These are pretty much the only pacifiers Merloe will take. They have a natural rubber nipple and made in Denmark. Plus they have many color options to match any outfit. 


Did I miss any of your favorites? What toys or gadgets did your babe like?

Let me know in the comments!

6 Month Update

Sunday, May 23, 2021

I can't believe we have a six month old! Time is really flying by. *cue the tears* I feel like just yesterday we were released from the hospital and now we're closer to toddler years than the newborn phase. 

We're really trying to soak in each moment and milestone. I'm excited for her to start crawling, but I'm enjoying this wobble phase. I can't wait to see her chase the dogs, but I love watching her roll around with Poppy. (Side note: Poppy is SO good with Merloe. Poppy will bring her ball over to Merloe waiting for her to throw it. They will be the best of friends pretty soon!)


At Merloe's 6 Month checkup she was 27.5" long (94%), 17 lb. 5 oz. (69%), and 17.2" head circumference (84%). At our previous checkup she was measuring tall too, which is so funny since Seth and I are on the shorter side. Our Pediatrician explained how they estimate the height of each baby and said she'll probably slow down soon. But then when we came back she was still measuring tall. Who would've thought! Remember when you're pregnant and you take the Old Wives Tales test to guess the gender? I feel like it's the same with genetics. "So and so said that if you take the average height of the mom's father, that'll be the height..." Only time will tell! She's currently wearing Size 3 diapers and 6-12m clothing.

She is a roly poly and quick! When she first started rolling, she would only roll from back to front. I think she was afraid to fall on her head. But now she's a professional, rolling from one side of the room to the other. We really have to keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn't roll onto the tile. And as soon as we lay her down to change her clothes, she'll immediately flip over. She doesn't mind hanging out on her tummy either! 


Lately she's been extra fussy and if you've met Merloe, you would know her personality is really chill. Very calm and happy. So when she starts fussing I know it's unusual. We think it's teething, her bottom two teeth feel like they're getting close to coming in. Our Pediatrician said it will probably start happening soon and not to worry too much about the pain, she'll be able to handle it. Sometimes we'll give her this teething oil or teether pop to help relieve the pain for a little bit. When we squeeze the oil into her mouth, she sucks it up like a little guppy fish!  

She loves to play with toys that light up, play music, and randomly loves chewing on tags. She's really good at entertaining herself while she plays, too. She also loves to "read" her board books. Her favorite toys include her Jellyfish Musical Toy, Banana Teether, Stacking Cups, and of course Sophie the Giraffe. She also loves her pacifiers! We'll give them to her for naps and bedtime. And then occasionally throughout the day if needed, especially lately with the teething. She's really good about putting it back in her mouth all by herself, so we'll leave a few extras in her crib so she can find one in the middle of the night!

When she gets excited, she starts kicking her legs. Her laugh still sounds like "heh" unless you really get her going she'll belly laugh. Her tickle spots include her chest near her shoulders, on her thighs and her belly. When we blow air on her face or her head she gasps, like she's shocked and doesn't know where it's coming from. She giggles at any animal noises. And she recently started tilting her head back and squinting her eyes like she's shy or embarrassed -- so funny! She'll look over if you call her name, you might have to say it a couple of times but she knows. She also loves to look at anything yellow, we think that'll be her favorite color! 

We've started introducing foods. I want to try BLW (baby led weaning) but I'm nervous so we're starting with some purees until I feel more comfortable. We've tried Little Spoon purees, which she didn't love. I think because it was her first food and the texture, not necessarily the puree itself. We started BLW with banana, which she loved holding and playing with but not putting in her mouth. Then we tried avocado by slicing it into a long stick length and she kept bringing it back to her mouth! The first food she actually kept wanting to eat. We did some mashed avocado too, she loved it all. 


At her past checkup, her Pediatrician said she still had some cradle cap and suggested using a small amount of Head & Shoulders shampoo to clear it up. I had been trying to get those last little bits off, but they were stubborn! We took his advice and also started applying Tubby Todd's AOO -- this helped tremendously! I wish I would've done it sooner. First use the Head & Shoulders shampoo with this scrub brush, then I use this set to brush her hair before applying the Tubby Todd.

She's a great napper, we usually have to wake her up from her naps. But at night, she's waking up at least once. Our Pediatrician gave us the go ahead on letting her cry it out, but we're not ready quite yet! We have her sleeping in the bathroom (LOL) so she can't see us but is still close by. This has really helped with all of the little wakings throughout the night. She'll put herself back to sleep most of the time. She usually wakes up around 1:00 a.m. - 2:00 a.m. for a bottle, then goes right back down until it's morning. I can always tell she's sleeping hard when she tucks her hands behind her head and doesn't budge. Here's a little look at what her schedule has been like lately:

7:00 a.m. - Wake 

7:20 a.m. - Bottle 

9:10 a.m. - Nap 1 (1.5 hours max.)

10:40 a.m. - Wake

11:00 a.m. - Bottle 

Noon - Nap 2 (1.5 hours max.)

1:30 p.m. - Wake 

2:00 p.m. - Bottle 

4:30 p.m. - Nap 3 (30-45 minutes max.)

5:00 p.m. - Wake 

7:30 p.m. - Bedtime Routine (Bath, Lotion, Pajamas, Sleepsack, Bottle, Book, Pacifier)

8:00 p.m. - Bedtime 

*Disclaimer: She does not nap exactly to this schedule (other than her first nap and bedtime.) We're flexible with her day depending on how long she naps or based on her sleepy cues. 

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Traveling With A Baby

Monday, May 10, 2021

Traveling with a baby for the first time? Us too! And let me tell you...traveling with a baby is quite the TRIP. I recently heard someone say, "Traveling with a baby is a TRIP, traveling with just your husband is a VACATION" and it couldn't be more true! We traveled to Salt Lake City, UT to visit my grandparents and extended family so it was a quick flight, but wow also very exhausting. For being so little, Merloe needed so many things. I'm sure some of the items we brought weren't a necessity, but I think they also made our trip more enjoyable. Don't get me wrong, we will definitely travel with her again but we might have to extend it longer than 4 days. 

I figured I would write about our experience for other families looking to travel and give you more insight on how it was to travel with a baby during a pandemic. I feel like everything is slowly reopening and getting back to normal, which is good but also made for busy travel days. Since all events were cancelled last year, we actually had flight credit through Southwest so we decided it would be a good time to test flying with Merloe on a quick flight before attempting a longer flight like Hawaii. At the end I'll also link our travel favorites so you can stock up before your next trip.



Like I mentioned above, we had credit to fly through Southwest. We love flying Southwest, especially with the free checked bags. I figured we would need to utilize that more with Merloe's bags so it's definitely a perk to consider when booking. We also considered flying around her nap schedule but since she's still so young it changes day to day. We booked a direct flight during the day, we felt like it would be easier to do one flight and we thought during the day other travelers might be more forgiving with a crying baby compared to a red eye. For this trip, my mom actually drove down the day before us so we had her take some of our luggage to lighten the load. When booking tickets, infants under 2 fly free -- as long as they're sitting on your lap. We figured since it would be a quick flight we didn't mind. We looked into buying her a seat, since it is more safe for them to be buckled into their car seat but it cost just as much as our ticket and we weren't willing to make the splurge. (Side note: After flying with her, I would purchase a seat for a longer flight, but if there are empty seats on the flight they will let you use one for free!) When you book your child's ticket they ask for her information, it also mentions calling but when we did they didn't really do anything for us just gave us pricing if we wanted to purchase her seat. When you arrive to the airport you will need to go to the Ticket Counter with a copy of their birth certificate to show the agent. (We brought a real certificate and a copy, but they only needed to see the copy. You still get to keep it.) 

We showed up to the airport 2 hours before our flight. And good thing, because the airport was so busy. It took almost 30 minutes just to talk to someone at the Ticket Counter. So give yourself that extra time. We checked her pack n play, which counted as one of our two free bags. We didn't buy anything special to protect it and they mentioned they're not liable for any damages. (Note: there was no damage and it was waiting on the side of the luggage carousel when we arrived.) We decided to push her stroller and car seat through the airport and check it at the gate.

At Security they had us unload the stroller, put all bags and electronics through the conveyor belt. They also asked me to remove Merloe from the stroller and carry her through. She was asleep, so that was a bummer having to wake her up. We also used a baby carrier through the airport, which she loved! They scanned her stroller on the side. We only feed her formula now but they didn't check any of it. We brought 3 containers (6 oz. each) worth of formula powder and 3 empty bottles. You do have to get water for the bottles once you're through Security. I've heard if you have breastmilk they will test it, but you can definitely bring it through. 



Once you arrive to the gate, be sure to check in with the agent at the gate window. They will give you a special tag for your checked stroller and car seat. We purchased the travel bags for our UPPAbaby Vista Stroller and UPPAbaby Mesa Car Seat because they cover any damages made by the airline. The bags weren't too expensive and gave me peace of mind knowing they would be safe after we picked them up. While we waited for the plane to arrive, Seth packed up the stroller and car seat in the travel bags so they were ready to quickly drop at the door as we got onto the plane. If you leave them at the gate, they don't count toward your checked bags. Some of the passengers did not cover their strollers and they seemed to come out ok, but I wasn't willing to risk it. There are other travel bags if you're looking for something a bit cheaper.

Before we left, we asked our pediatrician about flying. His advice was to give her a pacifier or bottle during take off and landing. This will help with their ears popping. Our flight leaving Las Vegas was actually delayed and it was during her nap, so she fell asleep as we were boarding the flight. When flying Southwest if you have children you're allowed to board a little early. If you're familiar with their boarding process, A Group goes first, then families, then B Group and so on. We tried to check in early  to get A Group, but it was completely full so we were thankful to at least get on somewhat earlier. Once we got seated, I kept our diaper bag under my chair for easy access. Seth had some of Merloe's items in his backpack too. The only thing I wish we would've packed more of was her bottles. Because the flight was delayed we used her last bottle during take off. I would've liked to have an extra for back up, but we ended up not needing another one. We did purchase and bring this Bottle Brush Travel Kit, but I had packed it so we didn't have it in the airport.

She was sound asleep as we sat down, but then the pilot came on to make an announcement and she woke right up! We used Babyganics Hand Sanitizer Wipes to wipe down anything she might touch: window panel, arm rests, seat belt, tray table, seat back in front of me. We clipped her pacifier to her shirt and any toys we brought out we tried to clip them to her too. I found this Busy Baby Mat with detachable tethers, you can also use this on their high chair. Around the last 15-20 minutes Merloe finally fell asleep -- surprising? We made sure she had a pacifier as we landed and she slept through the entire thing. Getting on and off the plane is a little tricky with a baby, diaper bag and wearing a mask but definitely doable! I wish we could've given her the little Southwest Airlines wing clips, but the agent said they didn't really do them anymore. I did keep her ticket as a keepsake! 


I hope our experience was helpful for you and eased any anxiousness you might have. I was definitely anxious, but some advice I've heard: the flight is only temporary, you can't control your baby no matter how many tricks you try and the best tip of all -- you'll probably never see anyone on that flight again! So if there are other passengers getting upset, just brush it off and know your doing the best for your baby in that moment!

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In Room Nursery Organization

Thursday, March 4, 2021

If you missed my 32 Week Bumpdate we actually moved in with my parents since we sold our house at the end of August. Our plan was to always have Merloe sleep in our room for at least a few months but now all of her items had to squeeze in our room, too! We had already purchased a dresser and bookshelf for her, but now those were going to be too big for our "in room nursery." So we ended up purchasing the smaller matching dresser and then once she has her own room it'll still be cohesive. 

She currently has one dresser (plus a little space in our closet with the bookshelf) and after doing a lot of research through Pinterest, YouTube and other bloggers I found this is what worked best for us. 

From left to right: nail file, diaper cream, hair brush, pacifiers and clips, syringe and disinfectant wipes, diaper wipes, diaper pail trash bags, boogie wipes, hand sanitizer, diapers

Middle Drawer

From left to right: short sleeves, long sleeves, bottoms, top & bottom sets, footies & gowns 
I used to keep her bows in this drawer too, but we have collected so many I moved them into the jars on top of the dresser

Bottom Drawer

From left to right: swaddles, towels (Minnie Mouse towel), washcloths, bassinet sheets, burp cloths 

I also made this checklist to help other mamas who have to create an in room nursery:

Overall we tried to keep it simple and only have what we thought we might need during her first few months of life. All of our extra items are in the garage like diapers, wipes, bigger clothes, etc. 

Other items that we have in our room include:

Halo Bassinest - We love this since it's easy to swivel and she's right by my side. If you want to keep it simple you could just use a Pack N Play until you're ready to move to the crib.


Ubbi Diaper Pail - MUST HAVE! I never smell anything!

Snuggle Me Organic - One of Merloe's favorite items, especially when she first came home. She loves to nap in her lounger. 

Boppy - I thought this was just ok, I've heard better things about other pillows. We mainly use this now for tummy time.

Skip Hop Wipeable Changing Pad - This wipeable changing pad makes it easy to clean after many accidents on the table.

Hatch Noise Machine

And for now we have our glider and diaper/nursing cart in the office, which is the next room over. It just wouldn't fit in our room, but my parents were generous enough to let us keep it in there while we're still here! We can't wait for her to have her own room one day, but for now this is what works perfectly for us!

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Postpartum | Barthroom Cart Organization

Monday, February 22, 2021

If you know anything about me, you know that I like to be prepared -- I'm a planner. That's what I do for a living! And I know I couldn't technically plan the birth of my baby (trust me, I tried LOL) but I did plan to be successful at home once we returned from the hospital! Knowing I was probably going to be in a lot of pain and slightly exhausted I got this done before baby girl arrived!

I read various blogs and watched videos about what I really need for a Postpartum Cart. I even reached out to my fellow Instagram mamas for their advice, since this will be my first time! Everyone gave so many great tips that I didn't think of or that no one else mentioned. I'm always willing to help others so hopefully this can help some of you be prepared, too! 

Postpartum Cart

I kept this cart in our bathroom right near the toilet. It kept everything organized and made for easy access. 

Top Tier

Frida Mom Instant Ice Maxi Pads

Hand Sanitizer

Earth Mama Nipple Balm 

Stool Softener

Middle Tier

Frida Mom Witch Hazel Foam

Frida Mom Peri Bottle 

Frida Mom Witch Hazel Pad Liners

Disposable Nipple Pads

Bottom Tier

Always Discreet Postpartum Pads - heavy and moderate liners after you're done with the underwear

Frida Mom Disposable Underwear 

Always Discreet Underwear

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First Valentine's Day | Kisses Countdown

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Even though Merloe is only 3 months old, we're still celebrating all the holidays! With Valentine's Day around the corner I thought it'd be fun to create a Valentine's Day countdown. This was a craft my mom did for my class in Elementary School -- I still remember it to this day! I'll have to try and find some photos.

It's a fun an easy craft, plus it includes chocolate! Who doesn't love chocolate?! And let's be real... this is for mom and dad to enjoy.


heart balloons / sherpa chair / onesie / tutu / hair bow

Materials Needed:

Plastic Wrap - cut 32" long

Hershey Kisses & Hugs



Heart Printable 


click the 'kisses 25 cents' photo and print


Cut plastic wrap in half, about 6" wide

Lay plastic flat and gather at the top 

Tie your first string about 2" from the top -- this will leave space for the heart printout

Then place a Hershey's Kiss and wrap the plastic around it

Tie off with another piece of string

Continue until you have 14 days -- be sure to keep the kisses tight in line so you have enough space

Tie off the end with a cute bow

Print heart and place at the top

Hang in your home and enjoy a Hug & a Kiss each day until Valentine's Day!


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0-3 Month Favorites | Merloe's Must Haves

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

After a lot of trial and error for Merloe's first few months of life, we quickly figured out what items we LOVED and a few others that just didn't work for our family. I thought I'd save you the trouble (and money) and let you know what items are truly worth it!

Oatmeal Footie (similar) / Black & White Bow  featuring sleepy eyes


Ollie Swaddle - This worked so well for us, we ended up ordering another one to have on hand for any bedtime accidents. It's easy to use with velcro tabs, soft and stretchy. It's important to swaddle your babe correctly or they could pull the fabric over the mouths while sleeping. This one is currently out of stock, but I've also heard great things about the HALO sleep sack swaddle, another velcro option! Plus it makes midnight diaper changes a breeze.

Hatch Sound Machine - You can control the sound, volume and light color/brightness from your phone. This was especially nice if I needed to increase the volume while I was running around the house. 

VAVA Monitor - After doing a lot of research I decided to go with a monitor without wi-fi. I've heard too many horror stories about hackers watching babies. Plus I'm always on my phone so I wanted to be able to have the monitor propped up next to me while working.

Owlet Sock - I wasn't planning on registering for this because it's a little pricey, but my mom won it for me in a contest and it's the best invention ever! This allows mom and dad to sleep with some peace of mind that baby is ok. Merloe makes so many noises when she sleeps and at first I would get up and check her so often, I was exhausted. Now using the Owlet sock it'll alert us if her oxygen levels or heart rate drops below the normal rate. Users have mentioned false alarms, but so far we haven't had any alarming issues. There have been a few times where the sock comes loose and it alerts us with a loud but calming lullaby so you don't panic right away. MUST HAVE!!

Changing Area 

Wipe Warmer - So many people say this is not worth it, but I really love having it! Those wipes are cold, especially at night. And I'll do anything to keep my babe calm during a middle of the night diaper change. 

Tubby Todd All Over Ointment - Merloe had a little bit of baby acne, which is common, on her nose and cheeks. I had heard so many good things about Tubby Todd's All Over Ointment and it cleared her up within days! Now we use it daily on her face. It's unscented and even works on mommy's skin - double win!

Boogie Wipes - We got these as a baby shower gift and I really thought they were used for older kids but we've used them multiple times! It's easy to just swipe her nose and get her little boogies out. 

Nail Trimmer - I was so nervous to trim Merloe's nails and at first I tried a regular baby nail file/clippers. Until I found this! It makes it so easy to file her nails and doesn't hurt at all if you miss the nail and skim the top of her finger. I even tried it on myself and it's so soft. I try to do it while she's sleeping and she doesn't even notice!


Kick & Play Piano Gym - We originally bought a different one, but this one allows her to kick the piano with her toes. She loves it! This allows me to finish a few things while she's playing. Not the cutest toy but totally worth it! 

Black & White Flash Cards - Black & white images help develop baby's eyes! This pack comes with cards for each age range -- 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months and 12-36 month cards. 

Bouncer - We recently picked this up and it's a game changer! Merloe loves to look at the dangling toys and is completely entertained. It's nice to have on hand while I'm trying to get ready and lightweight so it's easy to move around the house. 

Diapers & Wipes

Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers  - We tried a few other brands including The Honest Company, Seventh Generation and Pampers but we ended up loving Huggies! She's barely had any diaper rash and they seem to keep everything inside...minus a few big blowouts!

Huggies Natural Care Sensitive Wipes 

Water Wipes - I haven't personally tried these but have heard great things if your babe is extra sensitive!

Those are our top items for 0-3 months. I hope that helps you with your registry or
if you know a new mama to be, these are great gift options! 


Did I miss any of your favorites? What toys or gadgets did your babe like?

Let me know in the comments!

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