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Saturday, March 12, 2022

Obviously we're home from the hospital now, but I thought I'd share what we packed in our Hospital Bag. We worked on them for a least a month before Merloe arrived -- I didn't want to forget anything! 

I did a lot of research through Pinterest and other blogs to compile my Hospital Bag Checklist (see below). As a first time mom, I didn't know what to expect or how I would feel. So some might say I slightly overpacked. Plus with the addition of COVID, the hospital had a few more restrictions than normal. We actually took a Birthing 101 Course a few months prior and the Labor & Delivery Nurse that taught the class said not to feel bad about bringing extra items, whatever's going to make you feel more comfortable will help you stay relaxed, therefore making it an easier delivery!

I made a checklist for any other first time mamas out there, hopefully this will make your packing a little bit easier. Don't forget to get this done by 36 weeks, you never know when your little one might make an appearance! I made notes below to show what I packed and then what I actually used or wish I would've brought.

Also I ended up packing my items, baby girl's things and the pillows + blankets in one large suitcase. Seth packed his items in a duffle bag and then our "extras" are in a small duffle bag. We tried to combine everything into as few bags as possible by using packing cubes, but there's so many things to bring! Overall, just don't feel bad or silly for bringing in all the necessities. 

Pack or Pass

Pack in Hospital Bag:
  • Delivery Gown - I purchased this gown from Amazon and loved having a comfortable gown. The only problem with this one is I couldn't easily do skin to skin after she was born so we ended up cutting one of the shoulders. 
  • Pajamas - honestly I ended up just wearing a nursing bra and the mesh underwear most of the time. It was much easier to breastfeed and go to the bathroom. But eventually I used the nightgown and never used my other pairs.
  • Coming Home Outfit - I packed a few options, I didn't know how I would feel but I ended up wearing leggings, a nursing tank and sweatshirt since it was cool outside. That was perfect and the leggings helped me feel more secure. 
  • Makeup/Mirror - Loved having a little mirror! The next morning I pulled it out to put on a little mascara and lip balm. I brought some makeup but kept it minimal. It definitely made me feel more put together after a long night of  cluster feeding. 
  • Insurance Card/ID - we ended up filling out our paperwork prior to arrival which was nice to not worry about once we arrived.
  • Daddy - Seth used all of his items, maybe just overpacked on the number of shirts/pants. He just wanted to wear comfy clothes the entire time so joggers and tees. He didn't shower either. Last minute we decided to throw in some bed sheets and a blanket and he said it made all the difference! The sheets provided by the hospital are stiff and crunchy. 
  • Baby - I packed a couple of swaddles and we ended up using one from Lou Lou & Company the most, it's so soft and stretchy! I brought the Ollie swaddle (which is what we use at home now) but it was a little too big for her. I wish I had brought an extra onesie, she pooped in the only one I brought so the hospital gave me another one. All of her other outfits were mainly for photos, I loved having the options. I brought my baby book to fill out in the hospital, which I did the following morning. But throughout our stay we just took notes on my phone so I wouldn't forget -- those drugs make you a little loopy some times!
  • Extras - OMG the nurses LOVED their baskets! They were so appreciative of all the goodies, so this was a must do! We loved having our own pillows and blankets, it was kind of a hassle to carry them in but so worth it to be extra cozy. (Tip: use a colored pillow case so you don't get it mixed up with the white hospital pillows). Another big item was a personal fan, I had Seth hold this during delivery and it was needed!! Make sure you bring the 10 ft. phone chargers. There wasn't one near my bed so I was glad we had that available. We brought water and drinks in our cooler which was nice to have but they also had a little kitchen area with free drinks and coffee. Plus we got breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Note: check the menu when they bring you your food, we just assumed we got whatever they brought us but turns out you could order whatever you wanted! We didn't realize that until the last day.) We loved having the Hatch sound machine, honestly we used it the entire time, even before Merloe arrived. It was nice to have! And lastly our portable speaker. We used this during delivery which was amazing! I listened to a worship playlist to get me through the toughest moment of my life. It was nice to have music that kept me calm. 
  • Forgotten Items - The only item I might've missed was my breast pump. And that's really up to you if you plan on pumping or not. I wasn't sure and it was just another item we had to carry so I didn't pack it. But after getting home I realized I needed to start pumping to boost my supply and I had no idea how to use it. After a lot of research and reaching out to my fellow mamas I was able to figure it out, but it would've been nice to have the nurses show me before I left.

Pass on packing: 
  • Robe - I never pulled this out, but it was nice to have just in case! 
  • Underwear - I didn't know what I would need, but you don't need these LOL you remove yours right away and then you're wearing the mesh underwear the rest of the time.
  • Shower Items - we stayed Tuesday night and Wednesday night and never showered. You could definitely shower, but since we had a scheduled induction we showered at home before we left. 
  • Baby - We didn't use pacifiers in the hospital, but we did once we got home. Merloe loves the Bibs Pacifiers the most! 
  • Apple TV/Electronics - we personally didn't have any extra time to use this. Maybe if my induction would've taken longer but we never pulled it out.

Just a reminder, the hospital truly does have everything for you! I didn't bring any postpartum items, they supplied it all. And they let me take a bunch of extras home. Don't be afraid to ask for more and sneak them in your bag! 


Did I forget any must haves that worked for you?
Let me know in the comments!

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